I focus on simplicity, user experience and flexibility. I love beautiful, innovative designs.

Hi there!

I am a Frontend developer with a focus on CSS/HTML5/Responsive design and Javascript/React.js/Aurelia/Wordpress/PHP. Recently I was working at Hogia Group at HR Products developing tools for Human Resource using Aurelia/Typescript/Sass/Less. I have also worked independently doing frontend development for the test automation company Boozang.  From April to September 2018 I worked as a Frontend Developer for web agency JGL  buildning websites and webshops in WordPress. Very interested in creating beautiful, effective and user-friendly web solutions. After many years of studying languages (Italian and Spanish – Bachelor degree), I found my passion in the computer science field.


Web Technologies

PHP, HTML5/Javascript, jQuery, React, Aurelia Bootstrap 4, Foundation, Git


Equally comfortable using boiler-plate code or coding from scratch.


Custom themes, best bulit with ACF. Woocommerce/Customized Storefront theme for webshops. I develop dynamic, lightweight, beautiful themes.

Responsive Web

All my sites render equally well across different devices and web browsers.

Web Design

I take a minimalistic approach to design, making beautiful websites with focus on user experience.


Developing in Javascript/Typescript and I like and am familiar with React.js and Aurelia.