Work Experience

  • Hogia group - HR Products, Stenungsund January 2019 - July 2020

    Frontend developer building web tools for Human Resource. HTML5, SCSS, LESS, Javascript/Typescript, Aurelia framework, Azure DevOps, Git, Scrum/Kanban.

  • Boozang, Montreal May 2016 - January 2019

    Web Development for SaaS company. Design, Implementation, Site Maintenance - custom WordPress theme.
    theLab: Site in React.js for teaching the Boozang tool.
    In collaboration designing and UX of test tool, frontend development of Management GUI

  • JGL webbyrå, Göteborg April 2018 - September 2018

    Frontend development in WordPress and WooCommerce. Team based projects.

  • Ebeling Webbyrå, Göteborg November 2017 - January 2018

    Internship 10 weeks - Frontend development focusing on Responsive web.

  • T.Karlsson Entreprenad AB

    July -2014 - August 2017

    Working at recycling station. Interim employment.

  • Ale Kommun September 2012 - May 2017

    Preschool teacher. Interim employment.

  • Folkuniversitetet, Kungälv 2006 – 2013

    Teaching Italian. Evening courses.

  • Medborgarskolan, Kungälv 2005 – 2012

    Teaching Italian. Evening courses.


  • Linnéuniversitetet August 2016 - november 2016

    Web Technology 3, 7.5hp (JavaScript, Ajax, SEO).

    • Web publishing.
    • Managing Asynchronous information updates with JavaScript and AJAX.
    • Structuring of information in XML and JSON using JavaScript.
    • Website optimization and how to measure site usage.
  • Högskolan Väst August 2016 - November 2016

    Web development program.

    • Web development with HTML5 and CSS3, 7.5hp.
      • HTML: syntax, structure and rules.
      • CSS3 and its rules.
      • Testing of HTML and CSS customization for different browsers.
      • Responsive Design.
    • Basic programming with an object-oriented language, 7.5hp (JavaScript).
      • Algorithm construction, methods and features in JavaScript.
      • Control structures and variables.
      • Classes and objects.
      • Arrays.
      • Error management and debugging.
    • Intranet / Internet services, 7.5hp (Linux-kommandon, Apache, My SQL).
      • OSI model and the most common protocols in the TCP / IP family.
      • Easier Linux commands.
      • Configure, install and use Web server (Apache), database (MYSQL) and script engine (PHP).
      • DNS services, firewalls, packet filtering, proxy servers and electronic mail.
      • Security, digital signatures and encryption.
    • Web programming, 7.5hp (jQuery, PHP, ASP.NET ).
      • Develop web pages in PHP, ASP.NET (C #) AND AJAX.
      • How web servers work.
      • How sessions and cookies work.
      • Database access via server script.
    • Web programming II, 7.5hp (Wordpress, PHP).
      • Installation and configuration of Content Management Systems.
      • CMS technical and functional structure.
      • Customizing a DMS functionality and graphic layout.
      • Safety aspects.
      • Design, programming, implementation and publication of plug-ins.
    • Development of mobile web applications, 7.5hp (AngularJs, node.js, Cordova).
      • HTML, JavaScript and CSS in a mobile environment.
      • Server programming and backend for mobile web applications.
  • Linnéuniversitetet January 2015 - June 2015

    Web Design, 15hp (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML).

    • Information architecture for websites.
    • Image editing for digital publishing.
    • Layout, style, and use of different digital media.
    • HTML5, CSS3, XML and DTD with applications such as RSS.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Script programming - focus on JavaScript.
    • Dynamic HTML: An introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DOM.
    • Interactivity and dynamic effects on web pages.
  • Göteborgs Universitet January 2012

    Degree of Bachelor of Arts in modern languages.
    Major subject: Italian.
    Minor subject: Spanish.
    Erasmus exchange programme in Viterbo, Italy 9 months.

    • Studies of the italian language, literature and culture.
    • Studied C-course in Italy, 9 months, Erasmus-exchange programme.
    • Studies of the spanish language, literature and culture.